The Penis Enlargement Industry

Over the past decade, the penis enlargement industry has experience phenomenal growth. Most experts now believe that is presents a serious rival to the breast enlargement industry in revenues and size.

Emphasis must be placed on the fact that the penis enlargement industry is considered a niche market even though it is heading towards becoming a mainstream market. Many reasons have contributed to the rapid growth of the industry over the year.

The first reason for this rapid growth is the society. Great emphasis is placed on size where bigger is always better, this is not only applicable to the penis but everything else around. It can be seen in the cars, houses, money and the cities that we live in- where bigger is always better.

It should not be surprising then that men place so much emphasis on the size of their penis. Studies show that men who have smaller penises are usually more insecure and often feel sexually deprived.

In the constant search for sexual gratification, most men believe that a larger penis will put them in prime standing. During sexual intercourse, most men enjoy when their penis fills up the vagina of their sexual partner. This brings great pleasure to both.

This is the sexual desire that drive most men into seeking a larger penis and with the invention of pornography feeding this desire, the need is much stronger. Since the early 2000’s, pornography which features large penises, have grown in popularity among the masses.

The internet is littered with thousands of websites that show sexual intercourse between a man and woman where the man’s penis is much larger than the average six inches.

And the films often show the women completely enthralled by the above average penis. This is the material that drives the desire of most men who are seeking a penis enlargement. Once you combine all the factors mentioned in this article it is not hard to see why industry is growing at such a fast pace.