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The 1# Seller for Penis Pumps online. – Do you need a penis pump that will give you a bigger penis within 1 month? A penis pump that’s so good that it’s won awards and is recommend for the health of your penis? Well that’s what you get when you come to Penis Pumps Guides online, We don’t just tell you exactly how to use penis pumps, we also teach you how to get the best one for your money and which penis pumps you should be buying.

Do You Want To Get A Bigger Penis

So do you want a bigger penis? Well this might sound like a dumb question but believe it or not most men would prefer a little added size to their penis. My job is to teach you exactly how to get that added size on your penis.

So if you want a bigger penis will this help you? Yes, it will help you with length and with circumference and just give you an all round better sized penis.

How To Get A Bigger Penis With A Penis Pump

So I recommend you use one of the penis pumps listed above and then all you’ve got to do is use it 5 times a week, with wednesday and sunday off.

I usually use my penis pump about 10 to 20 minutes per day and I use the Bathmate which makes it a lot more relaxing for me, I try to just have a bath and relax while using it and the 20 minutes flies by. You can use different penis pumps in different ways, most of them just hit on your penis and then you just start pumping, till you feel a little stretching feeling in your penis.

Why You Need A Penis Pump

Well you can get a pnis pump for a number of reasons the main one being that you want a bigger penis and the second from main one being that you want a more erect penis, yes! Penis pumps also make your boner a lot more hard and can completely remove erectile disfunction, it’s really worth the cost and you can go wrong with buying one.

What Penis Pumps Really Do

While enlarging your penis they use a gradual stretch method to provide the gains and with that method you’ll find a better blood flow in your penis that will help you get more erect, have an erection for longer and gain that massive size you’ve always wanted.

What We Do Differently

I’m just like you and that’s why I do this, I want to make your life easier and just make things work better for you. It’s a lot easier than I though to get a bigger penis and that’s why I’m giving you this information to you.

Other Toys Like Penis Pumps

You can use a number of toys that will help you increase your penis size, most of them being: Peis extensions, penis sleeves and cock rings. Them 3 toys are all amazing and will work extremely well when it comes to adding size to your penis.

Penis Extender

These just go over your penis and can make it bigger instantly. They feel the same as a normal penis for a women and they really allow men to enjoy sex more with the confidence of their new hung penis.

Penis Sleeve

Much like the penis extender they just slide on your penis to make it more fat and longer, the sleeves are better for men who want to feel more pleasure and get more fun out of the sex.

Cock Ring

You can get a normal cock ring or a vibrating cock ring, I recommend the vibrating cock rings because they make it a lot easier to give a girl an orgasm through penetration sex.

Where To Find The Best Penis Pumps

I use sites like LoveHoney, Adam and Eve and Bathmate, they seem to be the best 3 places to get amazing deals on Penis Pumps, you can also use if you’re in need of someone that ships to your country.

I don’t think you can get much better than the shops listed above, you can try them and see what you think.

Where To Find Penis Pump Guides

We have a Facebook page, Twitter page and Pinterest, so if you want to get in contact or find out ways to keep your penis big and strong then this is the best way to do it. So go and give us a like and say a help to us on them networks.

Penis Pumps

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